Children Of Utopia (2018)

CHILDREN OF UTOPIA takes us into the Berlin lives of six young people on the cusp of adulthood, as they look back at their time at an inclusive school – a radical concept back then. Some would be described as disabled, but they reject that label. As they discover the new lives they’ve made in the 12 years that have passed, their focus is on the ups and downs of life: love, careers, doubt and determination. This sweet and entertaining coming-of-age movie shows how the respect fostered in Class 5D has only grown over the years, and the poignant moments of honesty and compassion catch you by surprise throughout.

Release date:2018 (Germany)
Runtime:80 min
Written, directed & produced by:Hubertus Siegert
Director of photography:Thomas Schneider, Marcus Winterbauer
Music:F.S. Blumm
Produced by:S.U.M.O. Film
World Sales:tba
Sound mix:5.1
Aspect ratio:1:1,8
Printed film format:2K