Beyond Punishment (2015)

Three crimes in three different cultures, three legal systems, and different ways to come to terms with trauma. The film enters new territory by positing that the pain of loss can be overcome by something other than retaliation and punishment.

The concept of Restorative Justice is led by the idea of understanding the other, to know what led them to commit the crime, and that such an encounter is possible and helpful. The film examines this notion sincerely via these three cases. All the film’s subjects have a helplessness in common when dealing with their experiences of crime and loss. The film examines the need for forgiveness and the inner conflict this wish brings about. What does it mean to forgive? Does it mean forgetting and finally accepting a crime? Would that be a betrayal of the beloved, the victim of the crime? Is there an alternate concept of forgiveness?

Release Date:11 June 2015 (Germany)
Language:German, English (available with subtitles in German, English, French, Spanish)
Runtime:98 min
Written, directed & produced by:Hubertus Siegert
Director of photography:Marcus Winterbauer, Jenny Lou Ziegel, Börres Weiffenbach
Editing:Anne Fabini
Produced by:S.U.M.O. Film in co-production with zdf / 3Sat and DOCDAYS Productions
World Sales:Java Films Paris (world sales), good movies! Berlin (Video German speaking territories), Piffl Medien Berlin (German Cinema)
Funded by:BKM, DFF, FFA, HessenInvestFilm, Media Development, Bundesministerium der Justiz, DEFA Stiftung
Sound mix:Stefan Korte, André Zacher