Film Website Order Now Downloads Three crimes in three different cultures, three legal systems, and different ways to come to terms with trauma. The film enters new territory by positing that the pain of loss can be overcome by something other than retaliation Film Website Order Now Downloads Documentary about the Sir Georg Solti Conducting Competition from the point of view of five up-and-coming talents. The conductor and namesake for the young conductor prize Sir Georg Solti, was not only master of his craft and winner

Film Website Order Now Downloads CHILDREN OF UTOPIA takes us into the Berlin lives of six young people on the cusp of adulthood, as they look back at their time at an inclusive school – a radical concept back then. Some would be Film Website February 2004. Luca, Marwin, Dennis, Johanna, Christian and 15 other kids meet at the beginning of the first term at the Fläming School in Berlin. They belong to the class 5d, the school’s remedial class, where students of extremely Downloads The decade of Berlin after the Wall collapsed, is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon. Since the Wall fell in 1989 the German capital has been trying to overcome its catastrophic past, to restore the urban fabric destroyed in the 2nd World War