Five young conductors from different countries who have one great goal in common what at the same time makes them competitors: to win the Sir Georg Solti International Conducting Competition. They work with Frankfurt’s best orchestras and are judged by a top-class jury. Whoever wins the final in the Alte Oper after three exciting elimination rounds, the gate to an international career is wide open. The film is told from the perspective of the young conductors, shows their striving for artistic recognition and comes closer to the secret of conducting with a unique intensity. A film that focuses on the interplay between conductor and orchestra, illuminating this relationship in a completely new way.


Götz Schauder, director of the film CONDUCT! EVERY MOVE COUNTS !, worked for the S.U.M.O. film BEYOND PUNISHMENT as researcher and assistant director. At the same time, he shot the material about the conducting competition on his own initiative. Schauder’s material convinced Siegert, who finally decided to produce the resulting film and to support it dramatically.

“In all S.U.M.O. films, music – or its deliberate absence – plays an important role. That is why CONDUCT fits very well into our film repertoire.” (Hubertus Siegert, producer)

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“A conductor has to be a personality, has to have a personal charisma. This is the only way he can transfer what he feels to the orchestra.”
Karl Rarichs, Founder of the Dirigentenwettbewerbs Sir Georg Solti

“That’s what fascinates me: When a conductor can create an incredibly delicate fragrance that you think you can smell, although it is of course purely imaginary. These are atmospheric things that a very good conductor can produce. And that is very far from the pure 1,2,3,4-hitting.”
Ludwig Hampe, viola leader in the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra


“Thanks to precise observations with the camera and unadorned comments by the musicians,“Conductors – Every Movement Counts!” documents the interplay between conductor and orchestra with great authenticity. A complex drama about competition and friendship, talent and maturity, successes and defeats unfolds.”

“Exciting insights into the world of alpha females and males with baton in hand and a little into the absurdity of competitions … recommended!”
Deutschlandfunk „Corso“

“Götz Schauder… shows how differently they conduct, shape and convey the same notes. And what a brutal profession they have chosen. After all, in the end only one may dictate the rhythm.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

“With “Conductors every movement counts!”, the director has succeeded in making a very extraordinary film. It can appear just as appealing to someone who has long been interested in classical music as it does to someone who has nothing in common with it. Worth seeing.”
Frankfurter Neue Presse

“Captivating, psychologically finely tuned documentary about a woman and four men taking part in a major conducting competition. After this sensitive film, even as a musical layman, you have more than just a clue of how it might feel.”

“The film gives a three-dimensional view of the highly complex communication that takes place in and through orchestral music. And which we understand when it takes hold of us without having to conceptualize it.”
Protestant Film Work Jury

“The exciting thing about this documentary is not the rocky road to winning the competition –  but what happens here on a human level. And how to deal with it.”
BR Klassik

“Götz Schauder’s empathic filmic observation is closer to the musicians, the jury and the secret of conducting than almost any other film before.”


Germany 2016, 84 min © S.U.M.O. Film
28 January 2016 (Germany)
Director: Götz Schauder
Producer: Hubertus Siegert
Editing: Dirk Grau, Götz Schauder, Andreas Wodraschke

Cast: Alondra de la Parra, Shizuo Kuwahara, Andreas Hotz, Aziz Shokhakimov, James Lowe (II)
World Sales: Film Movement
Distributor: mindjazz pictures

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Deutschlandfunk Kultur: „Dirigenten – jede Bewegung zählt – Das Geheimnis des Dirigierens” (German)