At eye level with the children, the director Hubertus Siegert takes part in the adventure of a school half-year of the remedial class 5d, in which students learn extremely different skills together. Some of the children have no disabilities, four of the children are classified as disabled, from learning difficulties to severely disabled – and are not graded. Successes and conflicts, fun and tears, wit and hardship, rivalries and friendships flash in the various stories that together paint the moving picture of a multi-layered and exciting, very unique universe: a class life. 
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“I think education has to do with everything: bribery, blackmail, yelling and being kind. The latter is necessary, so that the children do not hate the teachers.”
Dennis, 12 , student

Perhaps one should first learn to ignore people who bawl behind their backs or grimace and not to let others bother them.”
Luca, 12 , student


Marvin und Christian



Due to the upcoming schooling of his son, the director Hubertus Siegert met in 2003 with a teacher whose school worked with a concept that was so far unique: classes in which both disabled and non-disabled children were taught. He found what he then learned about this form of joint teaching so fascinating that he wanted to report on it to a large audience: The idea for the film CLASS LIFE was born. Only 12 months later, the preparations, planning and shooting were completed – and 100 hours of material had to be viewed.
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The shooting took place on a total of 35 days, which were spread over one to two-week blocks over the school half-year. The day of shooting usually began in the morning at half past six in front of the school, where the arriving students and the interface between extracurricular and school life were filmed. The shooting had clearly visible effects on class life. The classroom windows had to be tinted to ensure stable lighting conditions and thus freedom of movement for the camera. The film crew consisted of Ulla Kösterke and Wolfgang Schukrafft, who set up and recorded the sound, Armin Fausten as the cameraman and the director Hubertus Siegert, who was able to follow the work of his colleagues via a mobile monitor and provide information.


Germany 2005, 87 min., 35 mm, 1 : 1,66, Dolby Digital © S.U.M.O. Film
Producer, Author and Director: Hubertus Siegert
Editor: Bernd Euscher
Rough Cut: Heike Parplies
Camera: Armin Fausten
Light Determination: Patrick Lindenmaier
Movie Sound: Ulla Kösterke, Wolfgang Schukrafft
Sound Design: Alexander Saal
Sound Design: Daniel Dietenberger

Mischung: Michael Hinreiner
Music Consultant: Thomas Krinzinger
Stillphotograph: Wolfgang Borrs, Katrin Knoke
Art Department:
Dramatic Consultant: Barbara Sichtermann, Sten Nadolny, Oliver Rauch
Film Management: Ulrich Adomat
Redaktion RBB/ARTE: Anette Fleming