For some time now a number of German schools have made an effort to include children from all walks of life. Berlin’s Fläming School, however, is the most experienced in the field of inclusive education with a program running since 1975. Children in such classes are as diverse as society itself. Everyone is integrated with his or her capabilities – great or small – whether gifted or severely disabled. Does teaching such heterogeneous groups work? Is everyone motivated to learn when competition is not among equals, in classes in which no one should fail? The film Class Life tells the story of a semester in Fläming School’s fifth grade class, its various children, and the tremendous challenge involved in learning.


Release date: 

German (available with English subtitles)

Feature documentary: 87 minutes, television: 52 minutes

Written, directed and produced by: 
Hubertus Siegert

Armin Fausten

Edited by: 
Bernd Euscher

S.U.M.O. Film

Piffl Medien GmbH