Every two years 24 young conductors travel to the Frankfurt Opera House to compete against each other in the world’s leading Sir Georg Solti conducting competition. The movie “Conduct! Every Move Counts” accompanies five of them through evaluation rounds up to the final, which two of them reach.

Aziz Shokhakimov who traveled from the remote Uzbekistan will prove that he is one of the best in his field though being only twenty years old. Music reverberates within the young man. His assertiveness collides with the views of the older, more experienced orchestra musicians.

In the USA Alondra de la Parra is already a star. The New Yorker attempts to conquer Europe with her refreshing enthusiasm.

Despite the enormous pressure of the competition the eloquent Englishman James Lowe keeps his integrity as a musician and a human being.

The German Andreas Hotz tries to convince the orchestra with intellect and knowledge.

Shizuo Z Kuwahara has traveled from Japan without baton. He creates moments of greatest magic with his bare hands.

All five conductors have to endure challenges in Frankfurt that put to test their musical skills and their character. Thanks to the precise observations of the camera and unvarnished comments by the musicians “Conduct! Every Move Counts” documents the interplay between conductor and orchestra with unique authenticity.

The movie consequently displays a complex drama about friendship and competition, talent and maturity, success and failure.

Told against the backdrop of a career-defining competition “Conduct! Every Move Counts” documents the crucial days in the lives of these young conductors on the verge of becoming world class.


Release date: 

German, English and Usbek

84 min

Directed by: 
Götz Schauder

Edited by: 
Mark Liedtke, Cornelia Schendel, Nina Werth, Bahman Kormi, Rainer Krausz

S.U.M.O. Film

mindjazz pictures


Alondra de la Parra, Shizuo Kuwahara, Andreas Hotz, Aziz Shokhakimov, James Lowe (II)

Awards & Nominations


Jury prize, Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt 2015; Jury der Evangelischen Filmarbeit, Film of the Month 2016