12 jetzt 24

Former class-mates able to meet each other again with surprising ease at the age of 24 though their heavy differences in gifts and handicaps havn’t vanished at all.

12//24 is based on the successful 2005 German documentary feature Class Life. Now, an entirely new film has been conceived featuring six main characters from the primary school class featured in the 2005 film.

Class Life ends with a scene in which a bunch of 12-year-olds dance to Abba‘s song “Dancing Queen” around a (sick) disabled girl in a wheelchair. It‘s the end of the school year, and while everyone‘s marks have turned out differently, all are relieved. And they all have their place in this particular class – with all the talents, inclinations and challenges that each brings.

Today, in 2016, the now 24-year-olds are making their way through life, each in his or her very own way. What remains of the closeness and connection that developed in the then-revolutionary-sounding “Integration School”?

Today, each is fighting his or her own battles – one on the musical stage, another working in a retirement home.

The protagonists watch footage from school to- gether and talk about how they became who they are today. 12//24 thereby creates a portrait of Generati- on Y: the generation that has grown up as digital natives. Born after 1990, they grew up in a world in
which access to digital information is ubiquitous.

The Internet presents a person with endless possibilities, a temptation for constant comparisons. So how do they manage to come up with their own life plans? The six main characters from the 20-strong class are still wonderful protagonists. Luca studies environ- mental sciences; Dennis is a budding music star; Christian has chucked his economics degree and come out of the closet; Marvin is about to be on early disability and spends his time in a Berlin pente- costal mega church; Johanna trains as an elder care nurse; Natalie participates in an employment project for the disabled. Their common schooling produces intimate points of contact, despite all the differences in their characters and conditions.
Every one of them has changed enormously since 2004. At the same time, in comparing now and then, much feels as if they have become what they had to be. Does life run on straighter tracks than we would like to admit?

Release date: tba
Language: German
Runtime: 90 min & 6x15 min
Written, directed & produced by: Hubertus Siegert
Director of photography: Thomas Schneider, Marcus Winterbauer
Editing: Anne Fabini
Music: Nils Frahm, Jóhann Jóhannsson
Produced by: S.U.M.O. Film in co-production with tba.
Distributed by: Piffl Medien GmbH